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Rare Goldendoodle Colors

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Rare Goldendoodle Colors

Rare goldendoodle colors.

You can easily find these colorful breeds by breeding a Poodle with a pure Golden Retriever. A parti colored Goldendoodle is at least 50 white with solid patches of any other color.

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Blue and silver Goldendoodle types are rare.

Rare goldendoodle colors. Black Goldendoodles are just as playful joy loving and great with kids. 3252021 Those colors include silver grey and blue. 3272019 Goldendoodle Fur Colors Goldendoodles come with a wide variety of colors from chocolate phantom silver phantom silver with golden hues black white light or dark apricot triple color Goldendoodles do have markings on the coat of any color that has been listed.

The genes of the poodle also produce other colors like dark brown or chocolate grey or silver. What Determines The Color Of A Goldendoodle. Standard Goldendoodle colors such as cream gold and apricot generally cost between 1000 to 2000.

Both of the parents must carry the gene to pass it on to the offspring. Skin is blue everywhere except the belly. Also the AKC recognizes Caf-au-lait Apricot Silver Cream and Blue as official colors for Poodle puppies.

Depending on the coat colors of its parents and even grandparents Goldendoodles can turn out to be black white cream goldencaramel apricot chocolate or a mixture of any of those. These dogs usually have solid colors and it. Other rare colors include multi-colored Goldendoodles including the phantom Goldendoodle and parti Goldendoodle.

Blend of two colors with a dominating white percentage 50 Blackwhite or tuxedo Goldendoodle. A black Goldendoodle is a visually striking puppy with deep piercing eyes and a luxuriously soft black coat. However what most dog lovers do not know is that they can also come in rare silver and blue coat coloring.

Apart from these colors two patterns are found to be rare. Black Goldendoodles are a rare color of Goldendoodles mainly because of a recessive gene found in a golden retriever or poodle. 3232021 Can Goldendoodles be black.

This makes this one of the rarest coats. Sherris Vlog Featuring some of our gorgeous Black Coated Goldendoodles. What Is the Rarest Goldendoodle Color.

This means that in order to produce these dogs you have to breed together puppies beyond F2 or second generations. 182020 Different Colors of Goldendoodles Goldendoodles come in various fur colors that can significantly vary even in the same litter. In The Know – Black Coat Type.

8192020 Black Golden doodle mainly gets the black color coat from the Poodles family. Because of their ongoing popularity Goldendoodles are expensive dogs and rare color morphs can cost anything up to two or even three times the usual price youd expect to pay for a puppy. For even more variety there are patterns of these colors found in the Goldendoodle including parti merle phantom and brindle.

Their coat is soft and can be no-shedding. Poodle recognized colors are apricot blue brown caf-au-lait cream grey and silver Cast your eyes on our dedicated catalogue below to see which is your favorite curly-haired baby. Rare Goldendoodle colors include.

We have already seen that Goldendoodles can come in an insane amount of colors. If your Golden doodle is dark brown black or grey color which means your dog gets more of poodle genes than the Golden Retriever. Black red brown and cream are the most common colors of Goldendoodles.

Golden and caramel tend to be the most common Goldendoodle coat colors. Rare Black Goldendoodle 101. 3192021 Since the chocolate Goldendoodle is quite a rare color the value is slightly higher than the average Goldendoodle color price.


It is not always that you get to see Goldendoodles with these coat colors because they are the rarest colors. Black curly hair with white chest and white-nose. Product of a Blue Standard Poodle and Golden Retriever.

The rarest Goldendoodle colors are those that can only be achieved through multi-generational breeding. Although uncommon there are definitely black Goldendoodles. Rare Goldendoodle colors like chocolate black and great can cost you between 1500 to 3000.

172021 Already the AKC identifies Light Golden Dark Golden and Golden as the major colors for Golden Retrievers. 6152020 Golden Retriever recognized colors are dark golden golden and light golden. 2122021 Goldendoodles come in the colors black brown apricot cream and red.

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