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Mini Golden Doodles Breeder

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Mini Golden Doodles Breeder

Mini golden doodles breeder.

Goldendoodles are a hybrid cross-breed between A golden retriever and a poodle. Florida Mini Goldendoodles is a small family owned breeder of miniature goldendoodles 15-25 lbs.

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They wont be so small that they could get hurt by young children but will be big enough to wrestle with go on long walkshikes and make you feel safe.

Mini golden doodles breeder. We have puppies on the way. Our puppies are spoiled and well-taken care to facilitate a smooth transition to the puppys new home. At RedLetter Doodles we breed and sell Miniature Goldendoodles Minis and Medium Multi-Generational Goldendoodles.

Our Goldendoodle puppies are bred for health temperament non-shedding allergy-friendly coats and cute blocky builds. We raise our puppies in a family atmosphere preparing our puppies. We take the utmost care to ensure the physical and emotional health of our pets and their puppies.

Our Mini Goldendoodles produce exceptionally healthy and small 10-22lbs adult-size dogs. BerneDoodles are a hybrid cross-breed between Bernese mountain dog and a poodle. It is a perfect size.

198 talking about this. As a result Golden Retrievers were bred with miniature and toy Poodles in the late 1900s to create the Mini Goldendoodle breed. You will find that Mini Goldendoodles are very social.

Delivering adorable Goldendoodle puppies nationwide. Check out our beautiful Micro mini-Goldendoodle Puppies. A top rated Mini Goldendoodle breeder from Goshen Indiana.

All of our Micro Mini Goldendoodle puppies are up to date on Vet Checks and vaccinations and come with a two-year genetic health. Our f amilies find it very easy to travel with a Mini Goldendoodle yet they are still the perfect size for. We specialize in Mini Goldendoodles that mature to be between 20 and 35 pounds.

The parents are our pets and live in our home or placed at a guardian home in a very loving environment. Mini Goldendoodles are cheerful and trustworthy and quick to please. We blend the best traits of each breed in an adorable allergy-friendly small package 13-24lbs full-grown.

Our dogs are calm well behaved and health tested. We are one of the only F1 Mini Goldendoodle breeders in the United States. Here at JL Mini Goldendoodles we are a dedicated breeder of high quality family raised generation F1 miniature goldendoodles.

Our Mini Goldendoodle puppies are our most common size. We are a small family breeder of Mini Goldendoodle located in Suwanee Georgia. We specialize in mulitgenerational mini-goldendoodles and mini-bernedoodles.

Find your new Goldendoodle puppy at Kaos Farm Goldendoodles in NC. Mini Goldendoodles need moderate exercise and thrive in urban rural and suburban environments. We are family-based breeders specializing in non-shedding hypoallergenic puppies that have a predictable non-shedding coat which produces less dander.

We raise all our puppies in our home where they get constant love and attention from our four children. Micro minis are a family favorite ranging in 18-22lbs at maturity. As a result the breed is not recognized by any major breed registry.

Our puppies are sold throughout Washington State across the United States and British Columbia Canada. As a premium and responsible breeder of petite Mini Goldendoodle Puppies our mission is to deliver the joy of Mini Goldendoodles to loving homes across Canada. Our miniature Goldendoodle puppies are healthy happy and have excellent temperments.

We are ethical transparent and professional. Breeder of F1 Mini Goldendoodles and F1B Mini Goldendoodles. We have various colors of Micro Mini golden doodle puppies to choose from such as Red Golden apricot White Abstract and black.

The size of these puppies will be anywhere from 20-40 lbs for a Mini Goldendoodle or 45-60 lbs for a Standard Goldendoodle. Mini Goldendoodles get along great with children adults and other pets. Mini Goldendoodles are still a relatively young breed and many today are first-generation Mini Goldendoodles.

We offer a 2 year health warranty on all our puppies.

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